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Beyond insurance options, a CFP/MD lays out the protocols advisors should follow to help clients best prepare for their later years. read more »
When Wells Fargo Advisors held a conference to discuss elder financial abuse, it seemed at times like nearly every one of the 200 people in attendance was personally acquainted with a family member or friend who has been victimized. But Danny Ludeman, the CEO of Wells Fargo Advisors, write that perhaps that’s not surprising, given the scope of the crime and the rate at which it’s growing. read more »
August 28, 2012
Not moving quickly enough is one of the biggest mistakes new widows make, according to Jean Dorrell, founder of the estate-planning firm Senior Financial Security, Inc. "Some decisions just can't wait," she says, contradicting conventional wisdom that widows not make any decisions in the first year of their widowhood. »
May 12, 2014
For clients who want to hold too much cash in their portfolios, Sumit Desai, fund analyst at Morningstar, says advisors must help them maintain a long-term view of risk. »
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For every case of elder financial abuse that makes its way to law enforcement, there are 24 others that never get reported. Some advisors are going above and beyond to look after their older clients’ financial interests. read more »
Advisors must be aware of the basics of protecting their more vulnerable elderly clients. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. read more »
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