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April 2, 2014
Advisors should encourage wealthy clients to feel more comfortable with alternatives and co-investment opportunities, while helping ultra-high-net-worth families understand they may have the power of an institution, says Brian Walsh, chairman and CIO of Saguenay Strathmore Capital. »
February 28, 2014
Working with UHNW clients requires more than solid investment management and estate planning, according to advisor Paul Pagnato, founder of the Pagnato-Karp Group. Here are some of the other critical planning areas that advisors need to pay attention to. »
March 6, 2014
Motif Investing has launched a platform for advisors to more quickly and efficiently rebalance client portfolios. The firm's founder Hardeep Walia talks about why this tool may help advisors connect with younger generations and succeed with intergenerational wealth transfers. »
November 19, 2013
There's no guarantee automatic rebalancing will always work, but it does harness human emotion, says advisor and Financial Planning contributing writer Allan Roth. »
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The focus on dual registrants grows out of concern that the different compensation structures of the two business lines can create conflicts of interest and potentially harm investors, according to an SEC director. read more »
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