How to Fix Social Security's Disability Program: Retirement Scan
Congress shouldn't wait for the disability trust fund to run dry before it addresses the insolvency, according to a group convened by the Bipartisan Policy Center; Plus, millennials are advised to not cash out their assets when they move employers.
Once clients retire, they should move from offense to defense in order to protect their hard-earned cash; Plus, retirees with a moderate risk tolerance can use a three-bucket approach. Read More »
Why retirees whose premiums that are not deducted from Social Security payments can expect an increase next year; Plus, explaining the menu of income annuity features and options. Read More »
Nearly a dozen Democratic state senators express their concerns over the Obama administration's proposed changes to the fiduciary standard; plus the crazy way Social Security punishes spouses who claim early benefits. Read More »
Clients planning to retire with adequate savings are advised to reduce their spending and develop a strategy to lower their tax burden; Plus, how clients should decide on the right 401(k) and are baby boomers too optimistic about retirement? Read More »
Employees may express interest in annuities, yet few retirement plan sponsors are rushing to offer them within their 401(k) plans. Read More »
Take a more strategic look at the role of Social Security benefits in your clients' retirement accounts; Plus, how to play catch-up with your clients' retirement savings and the rules for making penalty-free withdrawals. Read More »
By streamlining their finances, clients can gain a better understanding of their accounts, as well as save on fees; Plus, 5 steps millennials can take now to help themselves later. Read More »
One year after qualified longevity annuity contracts were included as an investment within traditional IRAs and participating employer qualified plans, more people begin to appreciate the product's simplistic design and unique value propositions; Plus, three retirement loopholes that are likely to close. Read More »
First-quarter annuity sales fell to $52.7 billion, a 6.9% decrease from the previous quarter. Read More »
More seniors are using their retirement income to pay down their house debt, making them vulnerable to financial trouble once they run out of savings or suffer from an illness; Plus, why that 'guarantee' on your client's annuity might be a red flag. Read More »
Clients give up access to their money with annuities, so they are advised to use only a portion of their savings in these products; Plus, they should activate a fraud alert if they think their Social Security number has been compromised. Read More »
Agents tout that these products offer 8% guaranteed returns, but this 8% is not a yield but an income rider; Plus, how the Supreme Court just improved your clients' retirement. Read More »
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