Bruce W. Fraser

Bruce W. Fraser is a financial writer in New York. He is writing a book about the ultrawealthy.

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Incorporating such a plan provides alternate revenue streams for better client growth.
Key to a firm’s growth is being able to transition away from smaller accounts.
Financial planners and industry experts offer their strategies for landing new clients and keeping existing ones to get the most from your practice.
Generate leads through inexpensive and non-cookie-cutter techniques.
Marketing, balancing investment management and client relationships, and regularly updating your clients can boost your business, say advisors and experts.
Consider these strategies to help build savings.
Often under-used, HSAs can be a powerful tool for clients.
But watch out for the pitfalls of this common end-of-year-practice.
Help clients protect what has taken them a lifetime to accumulate.
Advise both pre-retiree and retiree clients on a strategy to minimize the tax bite.
Here are not-so-common ways to help clients save more.
Advisors can help clients ease into retirement by following five steps.
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