Bruce W. Fraser

Bruce W. Fraser is a financial writer in New York. He is writing a book about the ultrawealthy.

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Often under-used, HSAs can be a powerful tool for clients.
Consider these strategies to help build savings.
But watch out for the pitfalls of this common end-of-year-practice.
Help clients protect what has taken them a lifetime to accumulate.
Advise both pre-retiree and retiree clients on a strategy to minimize the tax bite.
Here are not-so-common ways to help clients save more.
Advisors can help clients ease into retirement by following five steps.
Advisors need to better educate clients on the challenges facing them as they attempt to transfer wealth to the next generation.
Incapacity can strike your clients at any age. As an advisor, you must ensure they are ready to face it.
Advisors must ensure their clients have these essential documents in place in order to implement a successful estate plan.
Many young people may believe they do not need an estate plan, especially if they don't have a lot of money. This is not true.
Advisors should ask their clients these questions each year to make sure their estate plans are on the right track.
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