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Help clients understand that temporary losers in a volatile market are just that: temporary.
Advisors need to help clients avoid ‘recency bias’ — the distortions that recent, well-publicized events can bring about in their thinking.
Savings rates and asset allocations are the key to making retirement accounts last. Here’s an approach that works.
Six years into a bull market, could a value tilt confer an advantage? Here's what the numbers say now.
A 60/40 mix won't offer full diversification. Seeing the historical performance of various asset allocation models can help advisors make better choices for clients.
An alternate to the Sharpe ratio could help advisors calculate how much pain investors must endure for each unit of gain. Here's how to run the numbers.
The range of efficiency tends to be similar within sets of U.S. stock and bond funds. Should advisors care?
Heavy fluctuations in stocks have increased in recent years. Here's one solution for advisors and their clients.
Some fixed-income funds behave like equities, failing to give sufficient downside protection to a diversified portfolio.
The ideal investing approach should control downside risk while also achieving a reasonable rate of growth. Here are a few suggestions.
An analysis compares portfolios built using 'smart beta' indexes against those whose components are weighted by market cap. See the results.
When cash, commodities and other assets stumble, it is tempting to eliminate them from a portfolio. Run the numbers first, though.
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