Margo Epprecht

Margo Epprecht, Chartered Financial Analyst, is a financial writer and former stock analyst.

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Before advisors recommend the increasingly popular hedged investment strategy, they better know the basics.
Some research shows that alternatives have as much chance of hurting performance as helping. With so many new products available, how can advisors ensure that they're picking the right ones?
What to call funds that can invest in almost any liquid asset in the world?
M&A activity is up. But is there a more systematic way that advisors can take advantage of these deals?
"Smart beta" ETFs are attracting funds from both active managers and passive indexes.
Once obscure, business development corporations, small business investment funds, are attracting attention.
As interest rates rise, new funds offer new ways of managing fixed income portfolios.
New funds provide hedging tools to limit or amplify clients' currency exposure on their foreign investments.
Managed futures offer a less risky way to give clients commodities exposure.
The mutual fund and ETF industries are creating new products that could offer the benefits of hedge funds without the high fees and minimums.
Fixed income funds dominate the space, but equity and futures funds may pick up speed soon.
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