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Social Security: With the SSA Overwhelmed, Advisors Can Provide Much-Needed Help

William Meyer
January 22, 2015

Client confusion over what Social Security agents can and can't do means missed opportunity and money left on the table. Savvy advisors can help.

Banks' Biggest Risk Management Lessons from 2014

Susan Palm
January 6, 2015

Last year regulators tightened their grip on Wall Street, while banks were caught off guard by emerging cybersecurity and reputational risks.

Technology Sweetens Independence

Shirl Penney
December 30, 2014

Profitability and control still rank high on the list of reasons advisors go independent, but the ability to have new and better systems – especially software – also plays a compelling part.

When Social Security 'Rules of Thumb' Don't Work

William Meyer
December 17, 2014

Biases that arise from misconceptions (and laziness) can do lasting damage to a client's retirement plan and an advisor’s business—the popularity of "file and suspend" is just one example

7 Ways to Avoid a Digital Disaster

Marie Swift
December 8, 2014

While traditional marketing is still necessary for financial planners who want to thrive and grow, content and credibility marketing with a digital twist are essential. Here are some ideas for advisors.

Is Your Social Security Advice a Fiduciary Risk?

William Meyer
December 3, 2014

It's impossible to put clients first if advisors offer subpar advice, or ignore the government program altogether.

WashingtonFirst Chief Pushes Bank's Employees to Become Customers

Kristin Broughton
November 10, 2014

Shaza Andersen recently sent out a companywide email stating that employees who don't deposit their paychecks into a WashingtonFirst account will soon be required to pick up paper checks — from her office.

CFP Board Responds: Certification Aids Planners, Firms & Clients

Kevin Keller
October 16, 2014

CFP professionals overwhelmingly value the certification: 92% say they are very satisfied with their decision to pursue it, and 97% chose to retain their certification last year.

Make a Successful Acquisition: 3 Key Rules

James Poer
September 10, 2014

A new research paper identifies several elements tied to the most satisfied dealmakers. See the takeaways for advisors.

Going Independent? 7 Business Partners You Need

Shirl Penney
September 8, 2014

For advisors looking to break out of wirehouses, legacy firms or banks, going independent doesn’t necessarily mean they have to go it alone.

Big Banks Headed Straight for Another Bailout

J.V. Rizzi
September 8, 2014

Dodd-Frank has failed to solve the too big to fail problem, according to consultant J.V. Rizzi — and some of the best solutions, like breaking up the banks, are also the most unlikely.

Homespun Marketing Can Be a Branch's Secret Weapon

Dave Martin
September 4, 2014

Some institutions strongly oppose personalized marketing efforts, which causes branch teams to live in fear of breaking marketing rules and become complacent with the status quo.

Communication Can Win Back Wary Customers

Chiaki Nishino
September 3, 2014

While customers were losing faith in banks, they were falling in love with tech. Banks will have to start changing their message if they're going to catch up, according to consultant Chiaki Nishino.

7 Deadly Sins of Bank Investment Portfolio Management

David G. Barnes
August 27, 2014

Pride, greed, sloth and envy are just a few of the potential stumbling blocks in the management of banks' bond portfolios, writes investment advisor David Barnes.

The Business of Breaking Away

Shirl Penney
August 11, 2014

Advisors must make several key business decisions to go independent, says Shirl Penney, founder of Dynasty Financial Partners.

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