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The only way to evaluate the appropriateness of Dodd-Frank's costs is to monitor the economic benefits that it creates. That's why the government needs to find a quantifiable way to measure the efficiency of its regulations.

Commentary: The first wave of robo advisors went too far in denying any impact from volatility which is just plain incredible, writes Daniel Satchkov, president of risk modeling firm RiXtrema.

Commentary: SigFig's data compiled after the August correction shows that 27% more investors panicked that week than they did in October 2014.

How to develop good interviewing skills at the onset of a client-advisor relationship.

Advisors can still get through to clients "gripped with anxiety which affects their ability to think clearly," consultant Eric Weiner says.

While much of the financial industry is undergoing transformation, the traditional brokerage industry has resisted technological change so far. But newcomers offering mobile options for customers show there is a faster, low-cost alternative.

Commentary: No human, no matter how sophisticated, can operate as consistently, quickly or as efficiently as the technology powering an automated investing service.

While rising rates may temporarily improve net interest margin and profits, they will not increase bank stock prices for at least three reasons, according to banking industry consultant J.V. Rizzi.

According to recruiter Mark Elzweig, the bank's response to scandals in Europe changed how advisors were paid, turning a once-promising boutique into a radioactive operation.

The biggest financial firms simply have too many financial resources and technology know-how to allow upstarts to undermine what has become a core business and earnings stream.

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