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8 Ideas for Better Client Events

Marie Swift
May 12, 2014

Events are a great way for advisors to build business and interact with qualified prospective clients, but you must be creative. Here are some fresh ideas.

5 Ways to Deepen Client Relationships

Marie Swift
March 13, 2014

Forging real relationships -- in person and not just online -- builds not only long-term friendships, but business to boot, says one marketing expert.

Advisors: Get Ready for Next Gen Clients

Marie Swift
January 20, 2014

Preparing now can position your firm for a tidal wave of success, but failing to understand and adapt to generational differences may create a shock wave for your firm.

Why Advisors Need Digital Documentation

Marie Swift
November 13, 2013

Taking notes during client meetings is important, but what are you missing while you’re busy trying to jot down what you are hearing and (not) seeing?

How to Be Quotable: 9 Tips for Advisors

Marie Swift
August 7, 2013

Our attention spans are growing shorter and competing with multiple devices – often simultaneously. So in order to express an idea that gets noticed and shared, you need to trim your critical points into sound bites.

4 Advanced Twitter Tips for Advisors

Marie Swift
June 18, 2013

You’ve set up a Twitter account and you know how to tweet, but how can you convert Twitter followers into prospects and then clients? Marie Swift, the Marketing Maven offers tips for Twitter power users.

6 Twitter Basics for Advisors From the Marketing Maven

Marie Swift
June 18, 2013

For advisors to get the most out of social media requires a strong consistent approach. Marie Swift, the Marketing Maven, offers these six handy strategies

How Blogging, Tweeting Can Expand Your Online Presence

Marie Swift
April 15, 2013

“To build online influence in the age of social media, you must build a powerful online presence and consistently publish your thought leadership insights through a professional blog site,” says Stephanie Sammons, founder of Wired Advisor, a company that helps advisors set up search engine optimized blogs.

Women Winning in Business, Finance

Marie Swift
January 16, 2013

The Marketing Maven offers marketing insights from the Ladenburg Institute of Women and Finance Symposium

Is Social Media Relevant to Your Business?

Marie Swift
December 11, 2012

Social media is all about building trust and reputation, and the latest Edelman Trust Barometer shows its relevance is on the rise. Are you still on the sidelines?

Are You Lost in the Weeds Without a Plan?

Marie Swift
November 12, 2012

Many financial advisors become so entrenched in the daily routine of responsibility, duties and heavy workloads that they fail to adequately plan for the ongoing success of their business. As we turn the corner from this year to the next, marketing expert Marie Swift invites you to take a “planning break” with specific exercises to determine laser-focused goals and a viable plan of attack.

Social Media Rules for Financial Advisors

Marie Swift
October 11, 2012

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there just seems to be a lot of noise “out there” as people in general and financial advisors in particular grapple with Twitter etiquette, Facebook do’s, and LinkedIn don’ts. Marketing Maven Marie Swift demystifies the art to using social media to build relationships and to amplify your voice.

Building a Financial Services Business That Sells Itself

Marie Swift
September 17, 2012

Planners who structure their practices in a way that compels their best clients to mention them to friends and family will enjoy a steady stream of right-fit business.

Building Share of Mind as a Local, Vocal Name

Marie Swift
September 4, 2012

Advisors should work to become the first name people in a particular market think of when they need a certain type of product, service or expertise. Being a "local/vocal name" can set you apart from other financial advisors and help you gain market share, according to marketing expert Marie Swift.

Creating Perfect Events Can Produce Perfect Clients

Marie Swift
August 20, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says basic seminars are no longer a client magnet. Successful financial planners must be educators, networkers, and online trailblazers. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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