Practice Perfect

I believe the smartest advisors also treat their own business as a client, says Jay Hummel, senior vice president of advisory services at Envestnet.

Millennial job seekers want companies that offer employees the latest tech tools. But are IT departments prepared for these hyper-connected workers?

When clients have assets in several states, the legal and tax pitfalls in estate planning multiply, says attorney Allen Falke.

Analysis: Smaller firms may sometimes require more due diligence for advisors considering a move. Here's what to look for.

Commentary: Firms can more effectively compete with digital upstarts and grow AUM by adopting new strategies that scale the business at a much lower cost.

After termites gorged on her home, advisor Carolyn McClanahan found that the challenge of rebuilding taxed her practice and her finances.

How should young advisors attract clients and build their business? Here are some tips from advisors of all ages.

New software aimed at helping advisors is coming into the market. But businesses of all sizes have budgets. Here are some tips for effectively implementing tech in your practice.

The most important investment a wealth management firm can make is in its people. To thrive over the long term, firms must be able to attract and land great talent.

Harvesting data can ensure that accounts you manage are meeting their objectives and can offer marketing opportunities.

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