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The most common question from advisors about social media used to be “Should I bother?” Now that regulators and compliance departments have provided at least some guidance, the more common questions from advisors involve how to use social media effectively without it becoming a huge time vortex.

Over time, advisors in growing businesses often find that they’re doing more and more of their own stunts, but for your business to grow, an advisor need a "stunt" team behind them, according to Chris Kirby.

There's a new addition to the "we already knew that" file -- a new Millionaire Corner survey of affluent investors.

To make sure the time and effort you’ve invested in finding the right employee pays off, you need to spend just as much time planning how that employee will be trained as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible, according to productivity expert Chris Kirby.

What is the proper role of an advisor in the board meetings. Should they attend? Should they speak? Steve Wershing says advisors have to understand the "don'ts" before they consider the "do's."

Few advisors could imagine running their business without email, but many probably wish they could run it with a little less email.

The sequel is never as good as the original. Advisors have a hard time repeating outperformance.

A client advisory board is a powerful tool advisors can use to better understand their clients and receive feedback on how to be more attractive to their ideal client.

Asking the right questions from the start can ensure you discover the kind of clients you really want for your business.

How many times have we said to ourselves, “If I’d only known then what I know now?” At this year’s Securities America Assistant University, a panel of experienced advisor assistants shared the benefit of hindsight and the top things they wish they had known in their first year as an assistant.

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