The Referral Doctor

Clients want you to succeed and are willing to help, so here’s how to address the problem of “overservicing” them.

What is the ideal number of times to be in touch with clients each year? It's probably higher than you think. Here are some ideas to help deepen your relationships.

The more your home page talks about prospects, the more they will want to explore. So stop talking about yourself and talk about what your clients are interested in – themselves and their special needs.

What are the unique questions your target market should be asking themselves? Because of almost universal access to information, if the clients fully understood their problem or their questions they would have little need for an advisor.

Case studies can be a great way to communicate the reasons a client should work with you -- as long as they want to read all the way to the end.

We have all heard that the best way to have loyal clients and get referrals is to consistently exceed your clients' expectations.

If clients look at their access to you as one of the most valuable aspects of working with your firm, how much value is left in the firm when you leave and how will you ever have enough time? This is the “access to principals” paradox, says referral expert Steve Wershing.

Generating referrals is not a numbers game. Referral Coach Bill Cates says that it is better to get one great referral than a litany of names.

Most financial professionals are not as referable as they think they are or as they need to be to garner a lot of great referrals.

One source of an advisor's referability isn’t the advisor at all; it’s their support staff – be it client assistants, receptionists, para-planners, and other associates. Bill Cates says how your staff represents you can be a limiting factor in your referability. Check out some of his thoughts and ideas to help ensure all the members of your team make a positive contribution to your ability to generate referrals

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