The Product Guru

Lots of strong returns, but many investors are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are more choices than ever, but are these new products largely unnecessary?

Diversification is the best way to hedge against volatility, but now there are more ways to invest in volatility itself.

Nearly every day, I get a notice touting the launch of some new ETF. And at this point, most of them represent some fringe aspect of the investment world. Small-cap stocks from one certain country in the Middle East, say, or a fund from Africa that deals with water infrastructure. Sometimes, they are sliced so thinly that there are just a handful of companies in the underlying index. Useful perhaps, but probably only for a…

Even if you outsource stock picking, or buy only mutual funds, somebody somewhere has to select stocks.

I’m all for the notion of having options, but if you look at just the ETF universe there are more than 1,000 on offer

Planning for retirement isn’t just about hitting the “magic number.”

Last year saw a 22% increase in M&A worldwide, and another 36% increase is expected this year, according to Thomson Reuters.

The herd is moving in one direction again, and I’m getting offers from experts to talk about the joyous event.

Stock markets around the world are on the rise and investor sentiment is, not surprisingly, riding along.

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