Updated Wednesday, April 16, 2014 as of 3:01 PM ET

Big Shift Needed for Retirement Planning?

Client Wants to Sell a Biz? Start Planning Now

Intergenerational Planning: Get Clients Talking Now

'Year-End' Tax Moves You Can Still Make Now

Roth IRA Tax Break Lures 10% of Millionaires

IRS Finalizes Rules on Additional Medicare Tax

Same-Sex Couples Need Planning Help, Study Finds

Work With Clients on End-of-Life Issues

Reverse Originators Must Check Credit

IRS Approves Post-Death Annuity Exchange

Gay Spouses in All States Can File Joint Taxes, U.S. Says

Michael Jackson’s Estate Challenges IRS in Dispute over Tax Bill

IRS Seeks $2 Billion Estate Tax from Former Detroit Pistons Owner’s Family

Gay Married Couples Lacking IRS Guidance Risk Paying More

Advisors Weigh New Trusteed IRA Option

Same-Sex Couples Await IRS's Post-DOMA Guidance

Teaming Up on Elder Care

Big Opportunity For Many Advisors & Clients After Gay Marriage Rulings

Supreme Court Ruling Narrows Benefit Gap for Gay Couples: Taxes

RIA Opens South Dakota Trust Company

Five Questions with Ken Dychtwald

Fixing the Obamas' Finances

Do Estate Planning Trusts Need Fixing?

Obama Squeeze on Savings of Wealthy Muddles Estate Plans

How Obama's Budget Could Impact Advisors

Honoring the Top Branch Managers of 2013

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