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Minimize Taxes to Maximize Savings: Retirement Scan
Clients should use the first-in, first-out strategy when selling stocks or funds in their portfolio to avoid hefty penalties; Plus, why middle class households are saving more than the rich.
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Knowing the cost of a retirement community is key to making a smart decision, with independent living communities costing $2,520 per year; Plus, the price tag of a bipartisan bill averting Medicare doc fee cuts. more »
Pension funds are joining the currency markets to protect their offshore investments and gain from future price changes as the U.S. dollar continues to perform well; Plus, three reasons to use a Roth IRA to save for college. more »
The range of efficiency tends to be similar within sets of U.S. stock and bond funds. Should advisors care? more »
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Falling interest rates and the increase in the number of people retiring are two big risks facing the Social Security system; Plus, why 401(k) participants should forgo a higher allocation to their employer stock. more »
Long-term care expenses rise throughout retirement to the point of crisis, according to one expert; Plus, how do your clients stack up in retirement savings? more »
Clients who turned 70 1/2 last year need to take their first required minimum distribution by April 1 or face a tax of 50%; Plus, reducing fees is the best way to boost investment returns. more »
Investors dumped ETFs that invest in bonds ahead of yesterday's Fed statement on concern officials would get closer to raising interest rates. more »
More workers than ever are staying on the job well into their seventies, which will make the U.S. a "very different place" for the next 30 years; Plus, Why an empty nest can be hazardous to a client's retirement. more »
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