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The Million-Dollar Investing Mistake: Retirement Scan
Why the old tricks that many investors once used to gauge retirement allocations no longer apply; Plus, the use of private health plans surge as Medicare and Medicaid turn 50 and tips for a smarter retirement investing strategy.
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Why working clients are advised to avoid borrowing from their 401(k) plans to fund their summer vacations; Plus, how Americans left $24 billion in retirement money on the table last year and the seven best places for your clients to retire overseas. more »
Why timing is important for clients filing for Social Security; Plus, how to decide whether your client should invest in a 401(k) or a Roth IRA. more »
While raising the tax rate could help address Social Security's funding imbalance, there are other ways to shore up the program; Plus, when $1.5 million isn't enough to retire. more »
Retirement researchers, academics and retirees weigh in on the issues they learned earlier in life from their parents; Plus, how much retirement income will $1 million generate? more »
Potential regulatory legislation may soon restrict strategies surrounding the backdoor Roth IRA; plus, how to retire on $25,600 a year and why most clients can’t even guess what their Social Security benefits will be. more »
By streamlining their finances, clients can gain a better understanding of their accounts, as well as save on fees; Plus, 5 steps millennials can take now to help themselves later. more »
Client should plan the activities that will keep them busy, as well as nurture their social lives by making new friends; Plus, Canadian citizens may qualify for Social Security, although with caveats attached. more »
Ways your elderly clients can avoid becoming the victim of a scam; plus, what you need to know about Social Security benefits and what to do if your clients' 401(k) stinks. more »
How clients might benefit from putting a hold on certain retirement strategies; plus, tailoring retirement plans to small businesses and tips to reduce all that IRA paperwork. more »
How policy makers should address the growing state-run pension shortfall; plus, why the last check your client writes should bounce before they die and tips for clients to retire early without giving up what they love. more »
President Barack Obama announces a renewed push for laws to help clients save for retirement; Plus, the three worst states for clients to retire and what happens when you take out a 401(k) loan. more »
Ways for clients to aid living costs by earning from their 401(k); Plus, why investing is so complicated and how to make it easier for clients more »
Clients can seek tax deductions designed to help this type of situation, as well as assistance from the Medicaid Cash and Counseling program; Plus, 3 habits that are hampering clients' chances of retiring early. more »
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