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How to Maximize Social Security Benefits: Retirement Scan
Nearly 60% of retirees started collecting Social Security before they reached full retirement age, reducing benefits by as much as 30%, according to a survey.
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Fidelity and Vanguard have almost the same investment portfolios in their target-date funds, but lower expenses give Vanguard's investors a higher return.; Plus, clients should try a retirement dress rehearsal before the big day. more »
Federal authorities for the first time have directly included rollovers and IRAs in their latest fiduciary standard proposal, and that could have a huge impact on firms in a fast-growing and profitable segment of the retirement savings industry. more »
While some retirees work even after they are financially secure, a full 46% would have retired four years early if they could have afforded it; Plus, cookie cutter solutions won't do. more »
The much-anticipated DoL proposal extends a fiduciary standard to thousands of brokers and advisors providing investment advice on retirement accounts without barring certain types of compensation. But details on enforcement are still forthcoming. more »
Investors are being prompted to ask some tough questions on the value their advisors bring, as well as training and compensation; Plus, how to build a tax-efficient portfolio for clients. more »
This type of insurance will not cover a policy holder's expenses for the first 180 days of care, a major concern for those without substantial savings; Plus, how to make the most from a Roth IRA. more »
Clients who want bigger investment returns can supplement their target-date funds by directing 40% of their assets to small-cap value stocks; Plus, why investors will need less money for retirement than they think. more »
One third of pre-retirees are likely to retire poor or near poor as a result of a significant decrease in employer-sponsored retirement savings plans; Plus, the single most obnoxious retirement fund fee. more »
Boomers who fail to create an estate plan will create trouble for their heirs; Plus, three questions to ask before converting to a Roth IRA. more »
Clients can take an early retirement and withdraw from their accounts without paying any penalty if they opt for a substantially equal periodic payment program in their pre-tax IRA and 401(k) plans; Plus, how to navigate Social Security's highways and byways. more »
More Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a measure that would increase Social Security benefits and raise payroll taxes to address the program's financial woes; Plus, how retirees can reduce their RMDs with a Roth conversion. more »
Some advisors are hesitant to recommend a conversion for high-net-worth clients since President Obama supports changes to key features of Roth IRAs; Plus, can Social Security benefits increase after age 66? more »
A client who earns a higher income than her spouse is advised to file for benefits before reaching full retirement age so her husband can begin getting a spousal benefit. more »
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