Updated Thursday, April 17, 2014 as of 8:55 AM ET

Advisors Praise Firms, Question Strategy in TIAA-CREF/Nuveen Deal

Citigroup Said to Cut Up to 300 Jobs in Global Markets Division

How to Buy Dividend Growth Stocks

Vanguard Dominates ETF Flows in Q1

Gross Says Stay in Shorter-Maturity Debt After Yellen Roils Bet

Market Close: Rate Hike Fears Put Choke on Short-Term Munis

James Stowers, American Century Funds Founder, Dies at 90

Fund Companies Target Ads at Advisors

Advisors Express Doubts on Vanguard's Actively Managed ETF Push

Puerto Rico Sells $3.5 Billion at 8.73% Yield

El-Erian Exit Is Pimco Distraction as Gross Seeks to Save Legacy

Household Wealth Climbs by $2.95T to Record

Dual Registrants, Alternatives Top SEC's Concerns

Gross's Pimco Total Return Suffers $1.6 Billion Redemptions

Values-Based Investing Gaining Steam, Data Shows

Puerto Rico Is Outlier for Wealthy Fleeing Tax Hit

Corporate Bond Spread Versus Treasuries Approaches 6-Year Low

Many Funds Well-Positioned for Rising Rates, Says Morningstar

Capturing the Essence of Hedge Funds for a Broader Market

Scotiabank’s ING Direct Sees ‘Gigantic’ Wealth Opportunity

Fidelity Investing Head Ronald O'Hanley to Leave in February

Muni Weekly Outflow Slows to $19 Million

Tech Stock Dividends: What You're Getting Wrong

Muni Outflows Extend to 32nd Week

Market Rigging Won’t Go Away If Regulators Aren’t Looking: View

Gold Bulls Retrench as Price Drops Most in 32 Years: Commodities

S&P 500 Little Changed, Poised for Best Performance Since 1997

In $3.7 Trillion Year, Stocks Beat Bonds by Most Ever

Outlook: Muni Analysts See More Volatility in 2014

Are ETFs at Odds With Smart Investing?

Vanguard's Bogle: Indexing Has Gone 'Too Far'

FINRA Orders J.P. Turner to Pay More Than $700,000 to Clients

Donor-Advised Funds Offer Tax Deductions

Gross Loses Largest Fund Ranking to Vanguard Index Tracker

Muni Mutual Fund Outflows Slowed for 23rd Week in Row

Pimco Hires Schroders’s Maisonneuve to Lead Equity Expansion

SEC Judge Dismisses Commission’s Securities Fraud Suit Against UBS Executives

Are Alts Making the Grade?

Investors Continue Their Exodus from Muni Bond Funds

The Rise of Asset Allocation Funds

Bank of the West Expands Lineup of Investment Portfolios

Finding Growth Opportunities in the Emerging Markets Sector

Muni Fund Investors Aren't Pushing Panic Button Over Detroit

How to Get Clients to Understand Fund Fees

Is the Great Rotation Underway?

Muni Bond Funds Record 8th Straight Week of Outflows

Compliance Offering Targets Mutual Fund Wannabes

Institutional Money Funds Gain $10 Billion

Heavy Outflows Continue for Muni Bond Funds

USAA Expands Fund Lineup

Bond, Stock Fund Assets Diverge in June

Mutual Fund Liquidations Surge

Muni Bond Fund Outflows Rise

Outflows Mounting for Mutual Funds

Vanguard Posts First Monthly Redemptions in Almost 20 Years

ETFs Versus Mutual Funds: Weighing the Pros and Cons

In Search for Yield, Investors Turn to Loan Participation Funds

Heavy Redemptions Hit Mutual Funds

Asset Management M&A Surges

Investors Turn to Loan Participation Funds

Mutual Funds Face Ongoing Compliance Challenges

Record $4.53B Exits Muni Bond Funds

Inflows End as $314.7M Exits Muni Money Funds

Bond Funds Log Third Straight Week of Outflows

Fund Firms to Increase Tech Spending

Wanted: Entrepreneurial Wholesalers

Floodgates Still Open: Muni Bond Funds Drop by $2.22B

DC Plan Participants Favor Target Date, International Equity Funds

Bond Fund Redemptions Top $13 Billion

SEC’s Money-Fund Compromise Faces Opposition in Final Battle

Mutual Funds Add $56 Billion in May

Image Everything for Mutual Funds

Bank of the West Extends High-End Advisory Services to Lower-End Clients

Muni Bond Funds Post Third Week of Outflows

SEC, FINRA Snub Mutual Fund Execs

Muni Money Funds Add $3 Billion

Investing in Alts: Advice From Morningstar Panel

Mutual Funds Endure Sharp Outflows

Catalyst Adds Sales Exec, Plans More Alts Funds

Investors Redeem From ETFs, Turn to Mutual Funds

Muni Bond Funds Hemorrhage Assets

Payden & Rygel Looks to Boost Broker-Dealer Distribution

Muni Money Funds See Modest Inflows

Investing in 'Celebrity' Funds

OppenheimerFunds Introduces New President

Energy Master Limited Partnerships Attract Investors

Mutual Funds Gather $180 Billion in April

Bull Market Revives Active vs. Passive Debate

Mutual Fund Inflows Continue

Money Funds Gain $19.5 Billion

Muni Bond Funds Report Meager Inflows

T. Rowe Targets New Retirement Funds

Investors Cool to Bond Funds

Goldman Joins Bulge Brackets Offering Retail Alt Funds

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Inflows Moderate

Mutual Fund Inflows Continue to Surge

Fidelity Launches Target Volatility Portfolio

Mutual Fund Asset Growth: IBDs, RIAs Outpace Wirehouses

Muni Bond Funds Have 9th Straight Week of Outflows

Getting Ready for Rising Rates

Vanguard Cuts Fees on Funds

Mutual Fund Boutiques Find Success, Challenges

Mutual Funds Gain $3.66B

Mutual Fund Inflows Swoon to New Low

Janus First-Quarter Profit Rises

Bond Funds Boost Mutual Fund Assets

Mutual Funds Gain $4.8 Billion

BMO Readies Target-Date Funds

SEC's Money Fund Proposal Coming in Next Two Months

Expense Changes for Vanguard’s Mutual Funds, ETFs

Honoring the Top Branch Managers of 2013

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