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Dividend Weighting for a Portfolio

Microsoft Sells Record $10.8 Billion of Bonds

Janus Unconstrained Gets Least Money Since Gross Took Over

Gross Put More Than $700 Million in Janus Unconstrained Fund

Fund Industry Warns of Fallout From SIFI Designation

Gross Says Pimco Fired Him

Real Danger of Hot Stocks

Gross's Fund Got $700 Million From Advisor's Brokerage

Vanguard Set to Offer Its First Muni-Bond ETF on Tax-Free Appeal

Pimco Total Return Suffers Worst Year Ever for Redemptions

Kitces: Best Strategy for Portfolio Withdrawals?

Can Mutual Conversions in 2015 Keep Pace with Torrid 2014?

Munis Surprise with Strong 2014

The $6.3 Trillion Frenzy That Vanquished Treasury Bears

Crash Test: How Safe Is That Retirement Portfolio?

Veres: The Next Great Market Meltdown

SEC Takes Aim at Funds Fighting Too-Big-to-Fail Label

Northwestern Mutual Completes $2.7 Billion Sale of Russell Investments

Markets Going Haywire? How to Beat Stress

How Good Are Smart Beta Funds?

An ETF Pioneer Looks to the Industry's Future

U.S. 10-Year Notes Gain for a Fifth Day Amid Concern on Economy

Industry Ponders: Google Asset Management?

5 U.S. Small-Cap Funds to Consider

Pimco's Loss Turns Out to Be Legg Mason's Gain

Protecting Retirement Income From Social Security's Mistakes: Retirement Scan

L.A. Union Group Seeks FINRA Complaint on 8-Year-Old Swaps Deal

Finding & Battling Hidden 401(k) Costs: Retirement Scan

As Pimco Outflows Soar, Advisors Ask: Should We Stay?

Why Clients Shouldn't Use Retirement Savings to Pay Debt: Retirement Scan

Pimco's Total Return Reports $27.5 Billion of Withdrawals

SEC Sanctions Dealers for Puerto Rico Sales

Janus: What Direction is the Firm Headed?

BlackRock Lowering Fees and Expenses on Three Fixed-Income Funds

Dodge Looming Tax Bills for Mutual Funds: Tax Scan

How To Make Your Savings Outlive You: Retirement Scan

Should You Be Building Bond Ladders?

Abigail Johnson Takes Reins at Fidelity After Climbing Ranks

Gross’s Janus Fund Got $66.4 Million in Deposits Last Month

Back to Basics on Long/Short Strategies

Pimco ETF Outflows Slow After Record $446.5 Million Withdrawal

Pimco Total Return Fund Morningstar Rating Cut on Gross Exit

Bill Gross Leaving Pimco for Janus Capital

Indexing Trumps Luck or Skill, Fama Tells Morningstar Conference

How Dividend Stocks Fare When Equities Fall

Which Assets Deliver the Steadiest Returns?

Wall Street Can't Get Bonds' Respect as Forecasts Rejected

Investors Pivot Back to Mutual Funds

Mutual Conversions Meeting New Resistance

Moberly Bondholders Want Raymond James on the Hook

Investors Should Prepare for Lower Returns: Tuesday's Retirement Scan

Active vs. Passive Investing: Monday's Retirement Scan

10-Year Investing Forecast: Takeaways for Advisors

UBS Discloses More Than $600M of Claims Filed by PR Investors

SEC Money-Market Move Enhances Stability for Investors

Money-Market Funds Getting New Regime Aimed at Preventing Runs

As Index Fund Assets Spike, Growth in New Funds Remains Sluggish

PIMCO Leads in Active ETF Market

With ETFs, Worldwide Outpaces Domestic Growth

U.S. Mutual Funds See $24B in Gains

Puerto Rico Hits Back

SEC Aims to Simplify Mutual Fund Disclosures

Total Return: Small Discrepancy Has Big Impact

Retire With No Debt: Friday's Retirement Scan

Retirees Suffer as 401(k) Rollovers Enrich Brokers

Portfolio Rebalancing: Get It Right

With Advisor Backing, ETF Growth Outpacing All Investment Vehicles

Best Benchmarks for Client Portfolios

BlackRock's Fink Says Leveraged ETFs May 'Blow Up' Industry

How to Protect Clients' Portfolios Against Inflation

Is Wall Street Dangerously Adrift?

ICI Warns Systemically Important Designation Could Chill Mutual Funds

Analysis: How Inflation Affects a Portfolio

El-Erian Says Pimco's Gross Is One of World's Best Investors

Alternative Mutual Funds to Get SEC Test for Leverage, Liquidity

Advisors Praise Firms, Question Strategy in TIAA-CREF/Nuveen Deal

Citigroup Said to Cut Up to 300 Jobs in Global Markets Division

How to Buy Dividend Growth Stocks

Vanguard Dominates ETF Flows in Q1

Gross Says Stay in Shorter-Maturity Debt After Yellen Roils Bet

Market Close: Rate Hike Fears Put Choke on Short-Term Munis

James Stowers, American Century Funds Founder, Dies at 90

Fund Companies Target Ads at Advisors

Advisors Express Doubts on Vanguard's Actively Managed ETF Push

Puerto Rico Sells $3.5 Billion at 8.73% Yield

El-Erian Exit Is Pimco Distraction as Gross Seeks to Save Legacy

Household Wealth Climbs by $2.95T to Record

Dual Registrants, Alternatives Top SEC's Concerns

Gross's Pimco Total Return Suffers $1.6 Billion Redemptions

Values-Based Investing Gaining Steam, Data Shows

Puerto Rico Is Outlier for Wealthy Fleeing Tax Hit

Corporate Bond Spread Versus Treasuries Approaches 6-Year Low

Many Funds Well-Positioned for Rising Rates, Says Morningstar

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