Updated Saturday, April 19, 2014 as of 11:00 AM ET
Millennials Eschew Retirement Plans for Online Brokerage Accounts
Why are millennials snubbing defined contribution retirement plans and stashing their money into taxable brokerage accounts instead?
The retirement plan industry is overly focused on a goal—namely saving for retirement—that doesn’t resonate with young investors, says Chris Brown, a principal of Hearts & Wallets, a research firm based in Hingham, Mass.   more »
More in Retirement Planning
Longer lifespans mean a big shift in planning -- particularly for female clients. more »
TIAA-CREF, the manager of retirement accounts for teachers, agreed to by Nuveen Investments from Madison Dearborn Partners for $6.25 billion, including outstanding debt. more »
After a Tax Court decision, a major change in IRS guidance will affect clients with multiple retirement accounts. Here's what advisors need to know. more »
A new study, backed by the industry, says the DoL's new rules could leave millions of workers without retirement advice. more »
Advisors can help clients navigate the actuarial calculation of matching a savings and withdrawal plan with a projected life expectancy. more »
Despite an uptick in savings rates, baby boomers are feeling more worried about their prospects for retiring securely, with a quarter of those polled saying they've postponed their retirement plans in the past year, a new study shows. more »
Younger investors have eight times more money in Roth IRAs than traditional IRAs, according to one recent report. more »
Head of LPL's Advisor Services' departure 'not related to company performance,' according to a company statement. more »
Beset by a graying workforce, an aging clientele and a shortage of young talent, the wealth management industry is at long last changing course. more »
(Bloomberg) -- U.S. public pension-fund assets grew by 4.2 percent in the last three months of 2013, boosted by stock market gains, the Census Bureau reported. Assets of the 100 largest public-worker retirement plans climbed to $3.19 trillion by the end of December, up $129.9 billion from September, the bureau said yesterday. The gains pushed holdings to the highest level since the government began tracking the data in 1968. … more »
As they prepare for retirement, senior advisors can help young planners become competent and confident financial advisors. more »
Firms in the self-serve channel that can "combine delivery mechanisms" will be a "smart bet" going forward," predicts Tiburon managing partner Chip Roame. more »
As more people live into their 100s -- and as families in which four or five generations overlap become commonplace -- some core elements of financial planning need to change, says one longevity specialist. more »
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