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The Million-Dollar Investing Mistake: Retirement Scan
Why the old tricks that many investors once used to gauge retirement allocations no longer apply; Plus, the use of private health plans surge as Medicare and Medicaid turn 50 and tips for a smarter retirement investing strategy.
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Why working clients are advised to avoid borrowing from their 401(k) plans to fund their summer vacations; Plus, how Americans left $24 billion in retirement money on the table last year and the seven best places for your clients to retire overseas. more »
While the 4% rule was created to set a minimum income floor, that doesn't mean spending can never be raised. Here's a better approach to withdrawal rates. more »
Why timing is important for clients filing for Social Security; Plus, how to decide whether your client should invest in a 401(k) or a Roth IRA. more »
While raising the tax rate could help address Social Security's funding imbalance, there are other ways to shore up the program; Plus, when $1.5 million isn't enough to retire. more »
Critics charge that the fiduciary proposal will be a death knell for the brokerage model in the retirement space, leaving low- and middle-income investors without advice. more »
Potential regulatory legislation may soon restrict strategies surrounding the backdoor Roth IRA; plus, how to retire on $25,600 a year and why most clients can’t even guess what their Social Security benefits will be. more »
Women over the age of 65 are twice as likely as men to live in poverty in retirement because of lower wages, more time spent out of the workforce and lack of access to retirement savings plans. more »
Ways your elderly clients can avoid becoming the victim of a scam; plus, what you need to know about Social Security benefits and what to do if your clients' 401(k) stinks. more »
How clients might benefit from putting a hold on certain retirement strategies; plus, tailoring retirement plans to small businesses and tips to reduce all that IRA paperwork. more »
How policy makers should address the growing state-run pension shortfall; plus, why the last check your client writes should bounce before they die and tips for clients to retire early without giving up what they love. more »
Head of industry group lobbying against the Labor Department's proposal is hopeful that the final regulation will address compliance objections and expand permissible transactions. more »
Ways for clients to aid living costs by earning from their 401(k); Plus, why investing is so complicated and how to make it easier for clients more »
How clients who retire early can increase their payout by claiming a spousal benefit; Plus, 12 steps to a stronger 401(k). more »
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