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Slott: R.I.P., Stretch IRA? Here Are Alternatives
Lawmakers may eventually prevent heirs from cashing out inherited IRAs over their lifetime. But that could actually be good news for both clients and advisors.
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The amount of money socked away in retirement accounts jumped up 6% with U.S. retirement assets totaling nearly $25 trillion at the end of December 2014. more »
Dream Forward Financial wants to take a bite out of the customer base of traditional plan providers like Fidelity by offering what it says is transparent and cheaper service. more »
The IRS is reminding taxpayers who turned 70-1/2 during 2014 that they most likely need to start taking required minimum distributions from their IRAs and other retirement plans by April 1. more »
Among the wealthiest clients, Fidelity and Vanguard retain their perennial leadership positions in firm perception, but there is room for others to advance their brand, according to a new study on investor sentiment toward insurance and retirement investment product providers. more »
There’s a gap between the White House and Wall Street’s main regulator over a push to tighten broker rules. To the investment industry, it’s an opening to exploit. more »
Some strategies aimed at reducing a client's FICA tax burden could actually sabotage future Social Security earnings. Here's what advisors must understand. more »
Learn how to earn money through IRA rollover options; higher earners should be aware of six mistakes that could result in higher costs and taxes; plus cheaper retirement plans for small firms with help of a new tech startup? more »
The 101 most popular funds for retirement savings; the importance of rebalancing portfolios to avoid moving stocks in bear markets; and how investors can put money into annuities and IRAs when a 401(K) isn't enough. more »
Despite a push for tighter rules to curb loan and withdrawal leakage, experts say small loans from 401(K)s aren't a drain on savings; Plus why millennials need to start saving for retirement now. more »
New survey from Merrill Lynch underscores the importance of advisors talking with retirees about selling or staying in their homes. more »
As policy payouts soar to record levels, LTC industry professionals worry that advisors are falling short -- and offer up a few facts, forecasts and trends they think advisors should pay attention to. more »
President Barack Obama throws his support behind the Department of Labor's fiduciary proposal; advisors take to Twitter to voice their reply. more »
Investment advisors should act in their customers' best interests, President Obama says. Here's how they don't, and how it can hurt investors. more »
Advisors on the Move: Merrill Loses Billion-Dollar Advisor, Lures Teams With $800M
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