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Flowchart Brings Clarity to 401(k) Confusion: Retirement Scan
A financial advisor helped doctors who were facing increases in their health insurance premiums by better visualizing their full options; Plus, means testing and a higher retirement age are possible fixes for Social Security.
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The increasing Asian, Hispanic and other minority groups will have an impact on the development of products, services and training; Plus, more than half of American households may not maintain standard of living in retirement. more »
Seniors should discuss their plans with their partners and designate a family member to manage their bills if necessary; Plus, clients should put their bonus in a retirement account. more »
A couple who bought a business using money from their self-directed IRA faced a big tax bill as the value of the business increased; Plus, how to transition your clients before you retire. more »
High-income workers can contribute more than $30K to their Roth IRA every year despite contribution limits imposed on this type of retirement account; plus, how investors can use the drop in oil prices to boost retirement income. more »
Retirement calculators only give an opinion of the sufficiency of retirement savings and do not provide an accurate assessment; plus, what to do when markets tumble. more »
The soaring stock market this year has provided a boon for investors age 65 and over even more than people from other age groups; plus, sales pitches about annuities can distract savers from making an informed investing decision. more »
Clients should estimate the amount of income they will need to support their lifestyle rather than determining the right size of their nest egg; plus, eight tips for people who will retire in 2015 and why 401(k)s are still a problem. more »
Decreased creditor protection for inherited IRAs will impact retirement planning next year; plus, the hidden pitfalls of collecting Social Security benefits from an ex-spouse and three dividend stocks for retirees to consider. more »
The new approach enables workers to know their income at a specific age based on their plan's current balance; plus, mutual fund firms acting as 401(k) providers that favor their own funds and how your Social Security benefits measure up. more »
Buying immediate annuities early before retirement may not be a good strategy because the payouts will not account for future inflation; plus, deadlines for retirement plan contributions in 2014 and six things you need to know about Social Security benefits. more »
Nearly 97% of respondents said they were very or somewhat knowledgeable about saving for retirement, but just 20% passed a test to prove it; Plus, strategies to increase retirement income. more »
Some retirees regret past decisions based on greed, others for tinkering too much with their portfolios or keeping too much cash on hand; Plus, how to max out Social Security benefits. more »
Conventional wisdom says investors should reduce equities in their portfolios as they age, but a study takes a contrary view; Plus, more information doesn't necessarily make for better investment decisions. more »
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