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Giving Retirement a Test Run: Retirement Scan
Clients are encouraged to take a one- or two-month leave from work, if possible, to determine how they'll allocate their time in retirement; Plus, the IRA rules clients need to know.
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Lawmakers are likely to pass as early as next year some measures aimed at changing the rules governing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; Plus, five steps for a comfortable retirement. more »
One year after qualified longevity annuity contracts were included as an investment within traditional IRAs and participating employer qualified plans, more people begin to appreciate the product's simplistic design and unique value propositions; Plus, three retirement loopholes that are likely to close. more »
Why it's smart for retirees to bulk up on stocks; Plus, how to help your clients avoid losing out on Medicare if they’re still working at 65. more »
The sale of the Milwaukee-based unit supports BMO's strategy to focus on the asset management business. more »
What marriage equality means for Social Security benefits; Plus, why couples have to negotiate their visions of retirement. more »
A sharp decline in the rate of home ownership, coupled with rising rents, is taking a toll on retirement security; Plus, why people don't buy long-term care insurance. more »
Tips for senior clients without children on how to begin planning for retirement; plus, how pre-retiree couples often miss the mark on gaging retirement savings. more »
Tips for investors on securing their IRA and 401(k) accounts; Plus, how saying 'no' can help ensure a smooth retirement. more »
Clients are advised to reconsider including target-date funds in their 401(k) plan; plus, why clients shouldn't convert all their IRA savings to Roths. more »
In order to ensure maximized value of their retirement benefits, clients must be aware of Social Security rules; Plus, why automated retirement contributions are helpful for clients who intend to develop a spending budget more »
A yearly withdrawal of 4% of savings, adjusted by inflation every year, may sometimes outperform annuities; Plus, five critical mistakes people make with Social Security. more »
Although the 4% initial withdrawal rule has historically done well for retirees, it may not always produce the same results; Plus, tips for retirement savings and why bonds should be a part of your client's portfolio. more »
Major corporate pension funds incurred an investment return of 9.7% from their hedge-fund investments last year, lower than 13.7% earnings and dividends posted by the S&P 500; Plus, how much of a client retirement portfolio belongs in bonds. more »
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