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Social Media Complaints Provide Banks Chance to Step Up Service
Bankers should view customer complaints as an opportunity to score points with customers, especially when those comments come from social media.
This notion may seem counterintuitive. Comments on social media are often seen by other clients, spurring concerns that such moments could publicly shame a bank. Rather, bankers should use those occurrences to demonstrate outstanding customer service in front of a crowd.   more »
More in Social Media
Advisors will be expected to keep records about the content they post on social sites just as they do with other materials on traditional channels, according to a senior commission attorney. more »
Now that financial regulators have finalized rules on social media interaction, firms like ING are, slowly and cautiously, beginning to let advisors experiment with social networks. more »
Clients and their children are increasingly shifting their lives online, but without realizing the potential dangers to their digital assets. more »
The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council on Wednesday issued final guidance aimed at helping, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions manage risks related to social media. more »
Social media can be treacherous for any large firm. Just ask JPMorgan Chase, which provoked a frenzy last week after its #AskJPM hashtag was hijacked by angry customers. Big banks arguably face more challenges than other large corporations because, while they must use social media to reach out to customers, they still face substantial reputation damage from the financial crisis. Following are some of the worst experiences banks have had to date. more »
The use of social media within an advisory practice has been the subject of much debate within the industry, but one of the most common arguments for advisors limiting or altogether barring sites like Facebook and YouTube within the firm -- compliance -- might be dramatically overstated. more »
The new model has to be able to serve clients "any time, any place and anyhow," said Bernie Clark, the head of Schwab Advisor Services at the financial service giant's annual Impact conference in Washington, D.C. more »
SEC Chairman Mary Jo White said the agency will review corporate disclosure rules to root out requirements that may be causing “information overload” for investors. more »
Now that advisors are (finally) allowed to use it, social media is finding its place in the marketing arsenal. more »
There are few marketing issues in the advisor sector that in recent years have inspired more interest -- and uncertainty -- than the use of social media in the practice. more »
Carson's coaching firm, Peak Advisor Alliance and digital content firm, Faulkner Media Group have joined forces to create a new digital content service for advisors. more »
Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn conversations don't come easily to banks. Here's a look at a few common missteps made in financial services. more »
Raymond James Financial, Inc. has partnered with social media sales platform provider Hearsay Social to help its advisors connect with clients and expand their practices. more »
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