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Online RIA Sets Sights on Mass Affluent
Only about 20% of the mass affluent market have a financial advisor, notes FutureAdvisor CEO Bo Lu, compared with around 60% of individuals with more than $1 million in investable assets.
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FINRA has issued a long-awaited regulatory notice outlining the proposal for a controversial data-sharing system known as CARDS, asking for comments from the industry and other stakeholders. more »
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Morgan Stanley will swallow some losses incurred by customers who bought mutual funds after the bank failed to make the fund prospectuses accessible online. more »
The broker-dealer giant has acquired a 51% interest in electronic services firm Docupace Technologies. more »
"We want to focus on what advisors can do to prepare for the next generation or two," says NAPFA chair Robert Gerstemeier. more »
TD Ameritrade's online hub will offer information and action alerts to advisors as lawmakers and regulators weigh hot-button issues. more »
Less than 1% of young people say they want financial services providers to contact them through social media, according to new research by BNY Mellon. more »
While Envestnet is a leader in turnkey platform services for advisors, observers say the company still faces a host of challenges and needs someone whom RIAs can relate to in the trenches. more »
"Our industry is at the early stages of disruption by robo advisors. It's not a question of if this will happen but when and how much," says planner and industry consultant Deborah Fox. Here are three upgrades advisors need now. more »
For some advisors, a virtual office model offers advantages other than a reduction in costs. more »
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