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Time to Ramp Up Digital Tools a la Northwestern Mutual
Traditional firms must boost their digital wealth management tools or risk being overrun by those that already do.
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More acquisitions are expected in the digital wealth management space as firms look to quickly add tech platforms and services. more »
Northwestern Mutual, the nation's second-largest life insurance company, is buying LearnVest, an online financial planning start-up founded in 2009. more »
During the planning process for a digital platform strategy, Fidelity says its partners and brokers asked why it couldn't just go buy eMoney Advisor instead. more »
Banks are gravitating toward a new technology they think can help customers more easily open mobile accounts: allowing photographs from smartphones to help customers auto-fill portions of their application. more »
By poaching Ruth Porat from Morgan Stanley, it's clear Google wants to forge closer relationships with banks. That's because banks hold the key to helping Google expand Google Wallet. more »
Claire Cockerton of U.K. trade group Innovate Finance explains how technology can rehabilitate the global banking industry's reputation and how London became a financial technology hub. more »
Dream Forward Financial wants to take a bite out of the customer base of traditional plan providers like Fidelity by offering what it says is transparent and cheaper service. more »
Vanguard says assets in its Personal Advisor Services start up, still in the pilot phase with no paid advertising support, rose from $755 million in 2013 to $10.1 billion at the end of last year. more »
Only a third of advisors surveyed by IMCA feel safe enough to say that robos pose "no threat" to their business. A skills upgrade is one line of defense, the group advises. more »
The standard practice of beta testing in the software industry clashes hard against banking culture, says one PFM software development veteran, where executives fear that a wonky app could mean customer attrition. more »
The "freemium" model that transformed Rovio from a game developer into a $200 million entertainment company is what firms like FutureAdvisor are relying on to disrupt the traditional fee-driven model of wealth management. more »
CEO Jon Stein remembers when nobody listened to his message that automated investing was going to catch on with investors. He's not hurting for money anymore -- and he wants to take your business. more »
“We were worried [advisors] would be at a competitive disadvantage," says Bernie Clark, Schwab Advisor Services' executive vice president. more »
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