Navigating Your Entrepreneurial Vision: 2014 Annual Advisor Conference

Gladstone Associates, a leading Business and Transaction Advisory firm, is pleased to announce our third annual conference event. Join leading industry experts who specialize in the RIA business to engage in an interactive discussion regarding the merger and acquisition environment, the dynamics surrounding
succession planning, and the strategic opportunities that currently exist for our industry.

Key topics covered during the conference will include: 

  • Planning for Effective Succession - This workshop helps entrepreneurs determine what matters
    most during a transition phase, the best type of transition to meet their needs, their readiness level,
    and the resources and blueprint needed to put the plan into action.
  • Secrets of Successful Acquirers - Learn from entrepreneurs who have been successful in
    acquiring other Firms. Panelists will discuss the opportunities, challenges, and rewards they have experienced first-hand with growing inorganically.
  • Update from Washington - Keynote Speaker Dale Brown, President & CEO of the Financial Services Industry, shares the latest and most reliable information on political trends, Dodd Frank actions, and
    DOL and Treasury rulings that directly impact your Firm.
  • Key Performance Indicators - Panelists discuss KPIs in the Wealth Management Industry and their
    impact on value.

This event is structured so attendees can ask questions relevant to their own practices and meet with
peers in an interactive forum designed to energize and challenge their thinking. Gladstone’s Annual
Advisor Conference provides an opportunity for Principals of successful wealth management firms and
boutique money managers to come together to discuss current business issues, as well as strategies
for future success.


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