Forget about what it takes to measure or find human potential. How about learning to grow it yourself?

by: Bob Veres

Courage, confidence and commitment are what struggling planners need to chart a clearer path to business success.

If advisors think the affluent are an easily definable demographic, they should think again - and get to know the different types in this non-typical group.

Finance graduates don't always make the best financial planners.

A portfolio that doesn't include small-cap U.S. stocks is probably producing weaker returns than it otherwise would have.

Does a resurgent IPO market signal dot-com II or an opportunity to find the next Google?

Proposed rule changes by the CFP Board could help planners whose own finances hit the rocks.

The stakes are always changing in financial planning. Can advisors avoid compromising themselves?

Who knew SunGard could offer a superior approach to iPad apps? Not the folks in the RIA world.

by: Kol Birke

Listen very carefully: The right start to a difficult conversation with a client could lead to a trove of actionable information.

by: Ed Slott

Signing a routine brokers' agreement may lead an IRA owner to a 'prohibited transaction,' but the IRS has granted temporary relief.

Significant net cash flow increases offset negative variable annuity market performance.

Fixed income isn't what it used to be, and that means planners are looking far and wide as they hunt for yield.

While more people may want to sell their life insurance policies, a shortage of investment capital and longer life expectancies are crimping demand.

It can be challenging - but enjoyable - advising those who are used to giving advice themselves.

Jeff Wheeler must identify his clients' life goals before realizing their financial goals.

A deal for Fortigent is turning heads as platform providers race to attract fee-based RIAs.

By focusing on not-too-big, not-too-small companies, William Blair Mid Cap Growth finds the right combination of agility and brawn.

by: Ann Marsh

At the March 13 WAF in Florida, female planners will come together to help build their businesses.

by: Ann Marsh

Valerie Brown aims to elevate the status of independent advisors.

Often ignored, mid-caps are worth a longer look.

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