Room Etiquette & Policies

We encourage frank and open exchanges of opinion on matters that affect your practice and the industry at large, but please remember to be courteous and respect differences of opinion. We reserve the right to enforce these policies at our discretion.

Basic Rules

  • No personal attacks. You can criticize someone's opinion, but no insults.
  • No rude language. If a word or phrase is inappropriate in front of your mother, it's inappropriate here.
  • No selling or advertising. If you just bought a great new computer program and want to tell your colleagues about it, go ahead. If you sell or manufacture a great computer program (or fund, or insurance policy, or annuity), you can't advertise it here.
  • No libel. This isn't just a matter of policy-it's about getting sued. You may write: "I don't think the people at XYZ Financial do a good job of training new reps." But you may not write: "The people at XYZ Financial are crooks."
  • No disguises. Anyone who uses a handle in attempt to masquerade as another poster will be banned.


  • Anyone may read our discussions without having to disclose their identity.
  • If you wish to post to the discussion boards, you will have to register and you will have to provide a valid e-mail address. We will keep your address confidential and will not disclose it unless a subpoena or some similar extraordinary circumstance compels us to do so.
  • We will not send you e-mail to the address you specify, except:
    - correspondence regarding your use of this site,
    - any of our eNewsletters, if you requested to receive them or
    - if you provided your e-mail address to us in some other context as well.

Complaints and Corrective Action

  • Although we monitor the discussion boards, we cannot hope to read every message on it. Consequently, users are encouraged to send their comments or complaints to the
  • If a single posting triggers five or more complaints, the poster will receive a warning from us.
  • We will also warn posters if we find that they have broken our Rules of Conduct.
  • Any user who has received three warnings and needs to be warned again will be barred from posting to the discussion boards again.
  • We will delete "help wanted" or any other type of advertisements that are posted.

Intellectual Property

  • Users may not post material in violation of intellectual property laws or confidentiality agreements.
  • All postings become the property of SourceMedia, which may retain them in an archive and may reprint them.

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