Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some brief responses to some of the questions you may have when using the discussion boards.

How do I create a topic?

You can start a new topic by clicking "Add A New Topic" in any message board. Add a subject summarizing the topic of your message. A good descriptive subject line helps others identify the subject matter for your topic. Explain your topic or question being clear and concise. This way your questions can be more easily answered by our moderators and other members.

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How do I post on the discussion boards?

When you click on a topic, you will see all the messages within that topic. To reply to a post, simply click the "Reply" link to the right. After you've written your message, click "Submit."

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Can I put HTML tags anywhere in my posts?

No. You cannot use HTML tags in any field.

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Why didn't my post show up?

Your post most likely did not show up because your browser did not reload the page. Please reload your browser, and it should appear.

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My password doesn't work and I can't post. What's wrong?

Check to make sure you are entering your email address and/or password correctly.
This checklist can help:

  • Have you registered? You must register before you can post.
  • Your user name and password are case-sensitive. Make sure the caps lock key is off.
  • Do you remember your password and email address correctly? You can also use the Forgot My Password function.

If you are still having difficulty, please send an e-mail to Include your email address and any details to help us solve your problem.

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A specific user has posted a message that is hateful and offensive toward other users. What do I do?

Please alert us via Please provide details that would allow us to locate the post and why you think it is objectionable. Our moderators and administrators will review your complaint. We want to keep the discussion boards an engaging and helpful community.

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Someone has posted a message about our company, calling us cheaters, liars and all sorts of unprintable abominations. What do I do?

First of all, resist the urge to sue. It's pretty hard to prove libel and whatever restitution you can get is probably not worth the cost. Please don't sue us, either. Federal law specifically immunizes operators of message boards against this type of a lawsuit. Also, please do not ask us to remove the posting or disclose the identity of the poster; it is our policy not to do so. Removing the posting would require us to take sides in a debate between you and the poster. Disclosing the poster's identity would raise privacy concerns.
So what can you do?

  • Send us a private message to the offending poster and we will be happy to forward it. Sometimes taking a heated debate offline can make it easier to discuss the details and come to a resolution. You may be able to rationally explain to why the post is wrong, and you may be able to convince the poster to provide a public apology.
  • Post a rebuttal. Set the record straight. Ask the offending poster to publicly explain the problem. You can offer a solution. Don't threaten the poster.
  • Send a complaint to Our moderators and administrators will review your complaint and offer suggestions for resolution.

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How do I become a discussion board moderator?

The discussions are moderated by some of the industry's leading professionals. We're always interested in hearing from experienced financial planners with an interest in bringing unique expertise to the discussions in the host role. If you are interested in becoming a host, please contact the community manager.

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How do you protect my Privacy?

Any posting by an advisor will not, in any way, reveal his/her name, firm, or e-mail address. All inquiries will be held in the strictest of confidence. Postings to this board are for discussion purposes only.

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