IRA's 401(k)

Single-Best 401K Upgrade: Retirement Scan
Despite the flaws in 401(k) plans, clients can take steps to improve their situations; Plus, clients should beware the retirement splurge.
As the year draws to an end, clients will find that formerly robust market segments delivered mediocre results in 2015; Plus, despite loopholes in America's retirement system, there are strategies for clients to make the most of it. Read More »
Seniors who have no need for required minimum distributions from their retirement accounts may re-invest the funds so the money can start generating an income again; Plus, seven retirement money wasters to avoid. Read More »
Online tools such the one developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can help clients determine the best time to claim their Social Security retirement benefits for maximum results; Plus, do your clients need life insurance after they retire? Read More »
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., introduced legislation that would enable unmarried, divorced and widowed women to collect bigger Social Security benefits; Plus, protecting your client's portfolio from the downside. Read More »
Some workers may consider suing their employers if the 401(k) plans they offer limited investment options, poor funds and hefty fees; Plus, the pros and cons of income-generating strategies in retirement. Read More »
Whenever markets drop, clients start clamoring to hold gold in their IRAs. Here’s what to tell them. Read More »
The complicated rules for 401(k) plans, IRAs and other retirement accounts have created many traps that even some smart investors fail to avoid; Plus, how Social Security rule changes affect your clients. Read More »
Some participants receive a lot of plan documents and they may overlook the fee disclosures or find it confusing; Plus, why millennials are saving younger than previous generations. Read More »
A simple portfolio has a fixed allocation of stocks, Treasuries and other bonds and is rebalanced on a periodic basis; Plus, student loan debt is getting in the way of retirement planning. Read More »
Many target-date funds, which have exploded in popularity, don't have allocations toward alternatives; Plus, how millennials and boomers are killing GenX's retirement savings. Read More »
A new study says that knowing other people's retirement savings can discourage clients from saving further; Plus, why clients should check 401(k) fees. Read More »
When, and when not, to use stop-loss orders to determine the maximum loss for selling a security; Plus, how smart retirement investors profited from the August market plunge. Read More »
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