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Seniors Dump Long-Term Care Insurance When They Need It Most: Retirement Scan
A 65-year-old male with a long-term care insurance policy has a 32% chance of letting the coverage lapse before he dies, with his female counterpart having a 38% chance of doing the same; Plus, relocating overseas to avoid hefty health-related expenses.
An 80-year-old client will be better off keeping 70% of her investment portfolio in stocks if her Social Security benefits and pension payments are enough to cover her needs; Plus, can robots close the retirement savings gap? Read More »
Defined contribution plan sponsors cannot track the owners of between 2.8 million and 4.8 million retirement accounts or 5% of the total number of accounts; Plus, why a solo 401(k) could be the best way to save for retirement. Read More »
Many retirees fail to boost savings after their last child leaves the house, and instead go on a spending spree that can last for years; Plus, how to make volatility work for you. Read More »
Congress shouldn't wait for the disability trust fund to run dry before it addresses the insolvency, according to a group convened by the Bipartisan Policy Center; Plus, millennials are advised to not cash out their assets when they move employers. Read More »
When older clients want to relocate, they must consider the cost of housing and health care, as well as taxes. Read More »
Help your clients avoid a double-tax whammy by reporting nondeductible IRA contributions. Read More »
While the market is beyond anybody's control, clients can take steps to mitigate the impact of volatility on their portfolios; Plus, the biggest reason workers don't save enough for retirement. Read More »
Nearly half of respondents to a survey said they were “very or somewhat knowledgeable,” but failed to adequately answer questions about the rules; Plus, 3 reason to rethink your retirement. Read More »
The assets that clients used intensively when first purchased (like a large house) come to have excess capacity over time; Plus, two big reasons clients need more savings. Read More »
Exclusive: CEO Adam Nash says his firm has no plans to diversify into a business-to-business model. Read More »
Going back to school is recommended to pre-retirees who intend to work through retirement; Plus, choosing the right Medicare plan for your clients. Read More »
Retirees cannot expect bigger Social Security benefits next year as cost-of-living adjustments are unlikely to increase; Plus, the best target-date funds for retirement savers. Read More »
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