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Here are some smart ways to avoid the stress of juggling multiple responsibilities in your practice.

Mention bankruptcy on a Form U4 and there's no erasing it, even if you settle your debts.

Before advisors recommend the increasingly popular hedged investment strategy, they better know the basics.

Gold investors saw their precious metal struggle last year after hitting an all-time high in 2011—today many advisors remain bearish.

Alternative investments have been growing rapidly in popularity in recent years as new funds have been mushrooming and money has been flowing in. Andy Saperstein, Morgan Stanley’s head of investment products and services, explains the wirehouse’s history of working with alts and Morgan’s current approach to leveraging them in client portfolios.

Clients' unwillingness to realistically plan for their financial future can pose a challenge to advisors. Here's how to guide clients to make more rational retirement decisions.

Raymond James' annual Women's Symposium, to be held Oct. 8, is due to feature leading women in the financial services industry, including Sallie Krawcheck.

The profitability of alts for investment managers and product originators promises that the deluge of alternative investment opportunities will continue.

Wedbush advisor Mark Heiden talks about what drives him: “I want to keep growing and develop the business so my family can carry on the legacy started by my father in the 1950s.”

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