Updated Thursday, September 18, 2014 as of 3:45 AM ET

Who will take over the practice when you retire?

Q&A with Benjamin F. "Tad" Edwards IV, CEO and President of Benjamin F. Edwards & Co., on how he built up his firm to have 180 advisors in 24 states.

Wealth management firms are positioning themselves to meet rising demand from millennial investors who want to better align their investments with their values.

After an advisor was terminated by his firm, the tussle over the departure contract had just begun.

Investors have returned to equity funds now that the financial meltdown is a distant memory.

What to call funds that can invest in almost any liquid asset in the world?

Clients and their heirs are often reticent about discussing inheritance. Here's how advisors can get the conversation started.

Former-NFL football player-turned Merrill Lynch advisor Reggie Wilkes is helping players and their families manage wealth: "I felt there was a need for someone to support their efforts to overcome the cycle of financial failure."

When work isn't perfect, advisors should seek change, but be flexible about it. Here's how to get started.

Advisors are increasingly calming clients worried about longevity risk when planning for retirement.

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