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Global Bond Rally Near ‘Panic’ Level with Japan Yield Below Zero
Worldwide gains in sovereign bonds sent the Japanese benchmark 10-year yield below zero for the first time as investors seeking the safest assets gorged on government debt.
The gap between the top and bottom target date funds has narrowed since the 2008 collapse. Read More »
The biggest U.S. mutual fund provider cuts expense ratios for 35 individual mutual fund shares, including 12 Vanguard target-date funds. Some cry fee compression. Read More »
Municipal demand and prices are up so far this year, buoyed by market technicals, according to Jeffrey Lipton, head of municipal research and strategy at Oppenheimer. Read More »
Fund flows over the course of a number of years now have been pointing decidedly in favor of passive strategies, he says, be they index, mutual funds or ETFs. Read More »
Here's what mutual fund clients stand to lose when they tap their investments during a down market; Plus, how to get big company 401(k) benefits at small firms. Read More »
The acquisition of Jemstep follows the steps of Invesco’s competitors to buy or build a digital platform. Read More »
About 9% of the high-yield market now boasts yields above 20% — the highest amount since the financial crisis. Buyer beware. Read More »
The biggest U.S. mutual fund provider drew a record $236 billion in net deposits in 2015. Read More »
Issuers say green bonds are here to stay, and that efforts to increase transparency about the environmental benefits will pay off with a broader investor base and cheaper financing costs. Read More »
Market performance under different U.S. presidents highlights the importance of heeding this key economic measure. Read More »
Recent jittery markets give advisors a terrific chance to judge liquid alt funds. Better yet, a close look can help you better position the portfolios of clients worried about global markets. Read More »
Robos don't have to be based on ETFs, says Naureen Hassan, head of Schwab's Intelligent Portfolios. "It can be mutual funds, individual securities -- whatever we want it to be, because it is a technology platform." Read More »
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