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"The bar of expectations among advisors has been raised by their experience with a best-in-class website," says the author of a new report in which advisors ranked fund managers.  More »
For advisors to really help their clients, they need to get them to truly understand investing odds and focus on process rather than outcomes, IMCA attendees were told.  read more »
INVESTOR EDUCATION: "We are helping people decide what they want to invest in and understand what they are investing in," says Motif CEO Hardeep Walia.
Striking a balance between the emerging and traditional realms of investing is where Motif Investing sees its niche, says its co-founder and CEO Hardeep Walia.  read more »
Robert Kahne has joined the firm's newest Florida office.
Collectively, the new recruits from Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and A.G. Edwards managed a total of $600 million in assets before joining the firm.  read more »
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Digital upstarts are out to steal traditional banks' customers by taking the hassle out of everything from account opening to borrowing. It’s tough to compete with banks' resources and brand recognition, but these new mobile competitors are adamant that they can win on customer experience.  read more »
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Cybercrime: A Rising Threat
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