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"If you can't predict a class of things, you can't program a computer to react to it in a rational way," says Christoper Thorpe, co-founder of Blueleaf. Image: Dean Ross Photography
The algorithms, which can speed up financial processes by making millions of calculations faster than any human ever could, are not infallible.  More »
On Wall Street annually honors the industry's top young producers. Advisors ranked numbers 31 to 40 share their secrets.  read more »
As long as a nonprofit group stays "on the right side of the line -- even though either you or I would say what they are doing is wrong -- it's still protected by 'judgment,'" or a right to broad discretion in decision-making.  read more »
Why working clients are advised to avoid borrowing from their 401(k) plans to fund their summer vacations; Plus, how Americans left $24 billion in retirement money on the table last year and the seven best places for your clients to retire overseas.  read more »
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Digital-first firms gravitate toward a blogging website that has aired several heated industry debates, a markedly different approach from the cautious way traditional firms present themselves online.  read more »
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Cybercrime: A Rising Threat
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