Taking Advantage of Tax Breaks on REITs and QSBS
Advisors may want to highlight the tax- savings strategies recently made permanent by Congress for investing in QSBS, REITs and more.
Sometimes it’s worth it to take a chance on illiquid investments. Here’s how to gauge the risk. Read More »
RCS Non-Executive Chairman Mark Auerbach says the decision to shut down its wholesale distribution business is "extremely difficult but necessary." Read More »
With an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve now widely expected to take place next month, some of the air has been firmly kicked out of yield plays' tires. Read More »
Citing regulatory uncertainty the non-traded REIT says it will “sit this one out.” Read More »
If a planner were to suddenly wake up in 2022, he’d find that some of today’s practices have utterly changed. Read More »
Last year, real estate crowdfunding worldwide crossed the $1 billion mark. That amount is expected to rise by 150% this year to $2.57 billion. Read More »
Individuals don't need to talk to an insurance provider about long-term care, they need to talk to a financial advisor. Read More »
Higher valuations, shakier bets: Advisors whose clients want real estate holdings face a new set of challenges. Read More »
Finally in recovery, today's property markets leave less room for sloppy thinking. Clients who want to invest in real estate may need more help than ever. Read More »
Behind the accounting errors that knocked $4 billion off American Realty Capital Properties' market value was a hidden scheme that generated more than $900 million in managers’ fees and bonuses, investors said in a lawsuit against the company. Read More »
New Hampshire wants LPL to pay $3.6 million in a fine, other costs and restitution, following millions LPL already has paid to FINRA and Massachusetts. Read More »
Heavy fluctuations in stocks have increased in recent years. Here's one solution for advisors and their clients. Read More »
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