Readers' Golden Nuggets Focused on Gold, Resources and Overcoming Negativity

December 31, 2012

The past few days I’ve been counting down the most popular commentaries over the past year. China, commodities and bond fund popularity were big hits; so were the Surprises in Gasoline, Oil and Resources Stock Prices. Here are the top four.
-Frank Holmes, CEO & chief investment officer, U.S. Global Investors

4. Sell in May and Go Away? Not this Year
Sometimes it’s the headline that attracts readers, and this is definitely one that gained a great deal of attention. More than 7,000 Seeking Alpha readers checked out the commentary and many left some pretty energized comments—some agreeing with me, and others with a differing view.

I took on the old adage and argued that there were plenty of reasons for investors not to let their equity positions take a long summer vacation. So how did the S&P 500 Index perform? As shown in the chart below, stocks fell significantly in May, but then went on to have a fantastic summer, with June, July, August and September all remaining in positive territory.


3. Love Trade Cools As Central Banks’ Gold Demand Heats Up


2. Where’s the Beef for Gold Equities?


1. How to Look Past Negativity to See Opportunity


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