Advisor-owned financial services firm HighTower Advisors has expanded its force with a four-member Bank of America Merrill Lynch advisor team based in Portland, Maine.

The team includes Edward Simmons, Gibson Wilkes, Blake Wilkes and Michael Simmons, who join HighTower as managing directors and partners. Together, they will operate as Simmons Wilkes Investment Advisors.

With her new role as advisor, Gibson Wilkes will also take a leadership role on HighTower’s GIS Steering Committee, which oversees decisions made for the group investment solutions division.

At the same time, HighTower has also made other advisor appointments to that committee, including Co-Chair Pamela Rosenau, who will serve alongside Co-Chair Matthias Paul Kuhlmey, Michael Bapis, David D’Amico, Larry Gilbert and Justin Towey.

Based in Chicago, HighTower serves high net worth and individual clients. The firm has offices nationally, with corporate centers also in New York and San Francisco.