MFS Investment Management has rolled out the MFS Global Multi-Asset and MFS Absolute Return funds in response to growing demand for greater portfolio diversification and lower volatility through multi-asset class funds.

“A growing trend for more than a decade, advisers and investors have sought new solutions for a greater level of diversification and risk management within a single fund,” said James A. Jessee, president of MFS Fund Distributors. “More and more, investors are looking for investment solutions that have the potential to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns in all environments with less volatility than the market.”

The MFS Global Multi-Asset Fund seeks total return by strategically investing in a mix of asset classes including global equities, real estate, commodities and global corporate and government bonds, including inflation-adjusted debt instruments.

Likewise, the MFS Absolute Return Fund also seeks to deliver total return, but it invests primarily in debt instruments with a tactical asset allocation overlay to manage the fund’s exposure to asset classes, markets and currencies.

“We believe these new funds meet evolving long-term investor needs for more consistent returns by combining diversification, flexibility and active security selection,” Jessee added.