UBS Wealth Management Americas has hired three new financial advisors in Beverly Hills, Calif. and New York, bringing its total advisor hires to 38 in June.

In Beverly Hills, Calif., UBS has hired Irwin Shapiro from RBC Securities, where he previously had $1.69 million in annual fees and commissions and $420 million in assets under management. Shapiro reports to Complex Director David Bigler.

In New York, UBS has hired Dimitrios Michelis and Garrick Montenegro from JPMorgan, where they had $1.4 million in annual production and $110 million in assets under management. They report to Complex Director Mara Glassel.

Of UBS’ 38 new financial advisors hired in June, 24 of those have come in the last two weeks, the firm said. June’s production totaled $24.3 million, while assets under management for the month were at $2.8 billion.